On the occasion of Pollutec 2023, Capteurs d’Avenir met with Jean-Marie BARBAUD, the inventor of the EXPLOA solution, which will be officially launched during the 2023 edition !

Mr. Barbaud, could you tell us the story of EXPLOA?

The idea of developing a management solution for Classified Installations for Environmental Protection emerged during my field experience as an operator, and later as the head of a consulting and engineering firm specializing in the field. There are numerous constraints that weigh on the operator, not only in terms of management but also to meet regulatory requirements.

My daily interactions with operators, local authorities, and inspectors planted the seed of a solution that aims to consolidate all the necessary data for site management into a single tool. We offer a simple solution that allows comprehensive monitoring of regulatory checkpoints and effectively tracks the site’s operations.

The story becomes truly remarkable when I meet Sylvain COSTA and Franck ROBERT, who had just completed a successful venture deploying a similar solution that is currently used by the majority of the Service Départementaux d’Incendie et de Secours. Their technical expertise and industry curiosity enabled us to turn EXPLOA into a reality, which we are presenting for the first time at Pollutec 2023 !


How is your EXPLOA solution innovative?

EXPLOA is a project involving domain experts, technical experts, IT professionals, and legal experts. It is the only software dedicated to classified installations that allows for the centralization of all activity data and their easy utilization, particularly for regulatory compliance purposes.

EXPLOA is a modular solution designed to cover a wide range of activities. The first module focuses on Non-Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities (ISDND) and includes features such as internal resources management (personnel, vehicles, equipment), pre-acceptance processes, site entry/exit flows, environmental impact assessment (surrounding environment, stormwater and leachate discharge), weather data, and specific ISDND activities such as compartment management, leachate collection and treatment, and biogas collection, treatment, and valorization.

EXPLOA is a feature-rich solution that integrates technical functionalities with a strong emphasis on simplicity and unique ergonomics. It includes a mapping engine for data entry and analysis purposes. To extract meaningful insights from the vast amount of data, the ready-to-use reporting engine generates annual reports, exports regulatory registers, and provides analysis on landfill compaction rates based on the type of waste, compaction time, etc., with just one click.

Furthermore, each user profile benefits from reminders generated by our alert engine, notifying about anomalies, deadlines, or the regulatory frequency of required inspections.

To ensure regulatory compliance, EXPLOA undergoes legal monitoring by a specialized law firm to keep it up to date with regulations.


What is the ambition of EXPLOA ?

EXPLOA aims to expand its capabilities by incorporating numerous modules to manage multiple activities. We are currently working on modules related to bottom ash treatment platforms, inert material storage, and hazardous waste management.

Integration with existing tracking platforms such as Trackdéchets, GIDAF, and GEREP is already in place or will be implemented very soon. This is a crucial aspect to relieve operators from the complexity of gathering all this data.

We hope that EXPLOA will soon become an indispensable tool for both operators and regulators, providing better regulatory oversight and contributing to the preservation of our environmental heritage.

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