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28 June 2024 | Air

Tightening of EU rules around air quality and health

Although air quality in Europe has improved over recent decades, air pollution remains the single biggest environmental threat to health. At the end of 2022, the European Commission put forward a revision of EU rules governing this area, coupled with more ambitious targets to be met by 2030, with the aim of reaching “Zero Pollution” by 2050. The text was adopted by the European Parliament on 24 April 2024 and is awaiting adoption by the European Council(1).

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6 May 2024 | Biodiversity


For billions of years, the Earth's rotation on itself has resulted in the invariable succession of day and night on its surface. This natural alternation has profoundly shaped the evolution of living organisms through morphological, biological, and behavioural characteristics that enable many species to live, find their bearings and communicate in the darkness on which their survival largely depends.

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22 April 2024 | Employment

Updating the training and job skills required for the ecological transition

Creating jobs, scrapping jobs, upskilling... a continuous but crucial cycle when it comes to jobs and skills linked to the ecological transition. However, if we look beyond the definition of “green careers”, it is difficult to establish a clear picture as sources can differ. Below, we will use as a basis the first major trends identified under the Jobs & Skills strategy currently being implemented by the French General Secretariat for Ecological Planning (SGPE).

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27 March 2024 | Waste - Recycling

TGAP - Everything you need to know about this environmental tax

A lever for regulating polluting activities, the TGAP (General Tax on Polluting Activities) aims to encourage and promote more sustainable practices, with a view to preserving biodiversity and human health, as well as supporting economic growth. In particular, the general tax on polluting activities makes it possible to internalize environmental costs according to the “polluter […]

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