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26 February 2024 | Sites and Soil

Sponge Cities - Financing programmes to improve ground permeability

As we become ever more numerous on this blue planet, we are also building ever more. Unfortunately the artificialisation of soils, and their resulting impermeability, can have severe consequences for biodiversity, aquatic ecosystems and rainwater management, as well as for the health and quality of life, of urban residents. Combating ground impermeability, through rendering it […]

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31 July 2023 | Sustainable City

Sustainable architecture - Designing tomorrow's city

Growing populations, increasing urbanization, declining biodiversity and climate change… We are facing major environmental, economic and social challenges. Today, rethinking and adapting our cities is a decisive step in combating climate change and adapting to its consequences. As buildings are an essential component of sustainable cities, sustainable architecture aims to solve these problems by combining […]

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