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27 March 2024 | Waste - Recycling

TGAP - Everything you need to know about this environmental tax

A lever for regulating polluting activities, the TGAP (General Tax on Polluting Activities) aims to encourage and promote more sustainable practices, with a view to preserving biodiversity and human health, as well as supporting economic growth. In particular, the general tax on polluting activities makes it possible to internalize environmental costs according to the “polluter […]

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14 September 2022 | Waste - Recycling

Reincorporating recycled materials in industrial processes

In France, the overall consumption of material (fossil energy resources, biomass, metals, non-metallic minerals) is nearly 800 million tons per annum. In 2017 for example this reached 783 Mt. In the same year, the amount of the five main materials collected for recycling (raw steel/cast iron, paper-cardboard, plastic, aluminium, glass) achieved 24.1 Mt, with 16.9 Mt ultimately being included in French production...

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