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8 September 2023 | International

De-Risking the Transformation: Recovering Critical Raw Materials in Germany

To overcome the global climate crisis, a large-scale industrial transformation that enables long-term sustainable development is imperative. As a prerequisite to this transformation, the scaling-up of climate technologies will require large volumes of critical raw materials as well as a robust circular economy that maximizes efficient resource usage and minimizes resource losses. Recognizing surging demand […]

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29 August 2023 | Water

Innovative and sustainable nanofiltration membranes addressing global water challenges

Key global challenges around water scarcity and water quality are developing rapidly, driven by climate change, regulation and health awareness. Nevertheless, these challenges are today still being addressed with technologies that were developed decades ago, including combined ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) schemes. With its direct nanofiltration membranes (dNF), NX Filtration now seeks to […]

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