Can you please introduce yourself and remind us of your role your organisation? 

My name is Chiara Ozzola and I work for MM S.p.A, the multiservice company which manages the integrated water system of the city of Milan. My role in the organization is Maintenance Manager of Milano San Rocco wastewater treatment plant.


Why did you choose to visit Pollutec in 2018?

Because these events are always good chances of keeping ourselves updated on new technologies and new applications in our business. Also because they allow networking and contacts generations, which I believe being very important.


What did you like most in Pollutec ? According to you, what makes it different from other trade shows?/ What did you gain from your last visit to Pollutec and what you will tell others who still hesitate to visit the show?  

Pollutec displays a very high number of exhibiting companies which means that it offers a large overview of the market and of the key topics of the Environmental sector.

It also gives the opportunity to get to know which are the main innovations and the related applications, offering the chance to discuss them directly with the producers and suppliers.

It’s also an opportunity to talk to expert and professionals and take part to events focusing on new applications or presenting case sudies.


What are your current needs in terms of technology? What are you looking for at Pollutec in 2021? What are your expectations?

If I’ll have the possibility I would definitely like to partecipate to the 2021 edition of Pollutec in order to meet suppliers (known and new) and also get to know which are the hot themes when it comes primarly to new applications, circular economy and waste management.


To be explored: Pollutec marketplace of solutions

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