In a few months, the 41st edition of Pollutec will take place, the most important International Fair in terms of equipment, technologies and services for Environment. During the already 40 editions, POLLUTEC has become a mandatory point of reference for all professionals making business in the environmental sector, furthermore, constituting a platform for environmental and energy solutions for industries, cities and territories, and a springboard for innovations and international development. In its previous edition Mr. Enrique Bayonne Sopo, Director of the Energy Cluster of the Valencia Region had the opportunity to visit the Fair for several days.


Why did you go to Pollutec in the last edition?

To be honest, i really wanted to attend Pollutec in its 2018 edition because in previous editions, due to scheduling problems, it had been impossible for me to attend and I didn’t want to miss any more opportunities.


You said opportunities, what exactly do you mean?

Well, there is no doubt that Pollutec is a world reference as far as the environment is concerned, and this is guaranteed by its 40 editions in which it has been acquiring an even greater presence and importance on an international level.

And not only is it a reference in Environment, although this has always been the backbone of the Fair, but it has been able to adapt to the new scenarios in environment, incorporating sectors and areas that have been emerging or acquiring a greater prominence in recent years, such as Energy, Water, Smart Cities, Biodiversity, Instrumentation, etc., combining and presenting the most advanced solutions and technologies.


Did you have business opportunities at Pollutec? What did you gain attending the Fair?

A lot, actually. As an association, I am looking for opportunities for our associates, and there is no better scenario for this than Pollutec, where I could learn first-hand about technologies and innovative solutions in many sectors, which our associates are also working on.

In particular, I made very interesting contacts, both for the Cluster I represent and for our associates, keeping the contact  with them beyond the Fair.

In addition, something I liked very much in the last edition was the areas dedicated to world regions. In that edition the invited regions were Africa and Latin America, expanding, if possible, the internationalization and opportunities of the Fair with these emerging areas and with great opportunities for business generation.


Would you recommend attending Pollutec in its new edition?

Absolutely. I think it is a must in the agenda of any organisation, private or public, that wants to know first-hand the opportunities and solutions that are being developed and implemented worldwide, and not only in the Environment sector.

The business opportunities that can be generated at Pollutec are very difficult to find at any other event worldwide. And you have them all within reach in a first-class venue for several days.

What you can get at Pollutec for a few days, you can need a whole year to achieve at other fairs or on your own.

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