Can you please introduce yourself and remind us of your role at the Renewable Energy Club of FTI and as DMD of Zero Waste?

I’m Sawita Sarah Tinsuntisook,  the Vice Chairman-Corporate Communication of Renewable Energy Industry Club, Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.) and also Deputy Managing Director of Zero Waste Company Limited Thailand.


Why did you choose to visit Pollutec in 2016?

It was the business trip to Lyon with Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce.  It was the opportunities to visit the trade show and also visit the companies at once.  The Pollutec is the international Trade show in Energy and environment. The outstanding point for me is that French is the inventor.  I believed to find new and commercial technologies which could be use in Thailand.  As you might aware that there are energy and environment exhibitions all over the world including Thailand, I choose to visit Pollutec in Lyon because the reputation in product qualities and innovation.


What did you like most in Pollutec? According to you, what makes it different from other

I personally like the tour! As far as I remembered, there was the tour to explain about the city planning (Lyon Confluence) and let us walk through the area.  Then hop on the EV bus; visiting the building to see the future city plan of Lyon (in Only Lyon).

The after party that let the exhibitors ate in the market also stood out for me.  It is not only the trade show, but also invite us to learn and enjoy French ways through food and drinks.  When we learn about the culture, it is encourage us to appreciate the technologies and products as well.

In the Hall, most of the booths are bare spaces which gave the good feeling as if walking in the empty space. (in fact there were crowded booths.)


What did you gain from your last visit to Pollutec and what you will tell others who still hesitate to visit the show?

To me, visiting the Pollutec was to see what is the current technologies and what might be the future or trends that I need to catch up.  If someone still thinking whether to go or not, I highly recommend to visit the Polutec.  There is always new things you will learn in each visit!


What are your current needs in terms of technology? What are you looking for at Pollutec in 2021?What are your expectations?

Definitely new commercial technologies that might works for Thailand and ASEAN countries.  The current needs for the technology will be the development of the EV to transportation.  Some companies have been promote their EV for trucks but when it comes to export, there are some limitations that prevent them to do.

Secondly the energy storage (battery)   The lighter weight, longer usage. Thirdly, waste management (Municipal Waste, Industrial Waste, e-waste etc. any newer ways to manage them?)

As it is hard to travel to visit the real show this year, I’d like to see tools that could encourage the visitors to contact with the exhibitors easier.  I virtual visit might be an option.


To be explored: Pollutec marketplace of solutions

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