Fine bubble air diffusers


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  • This product is 100% recyclable
  • Compatible with high temperatures (up to 110°c)
  • High chemical resistance and optimal mechanical strength


  • With a quick assembly by means of a bracket, the aquatube can be used for both fixed and removable aeration systems.
  • Certified by inrae, it is today one of the most efficient oxygenation technology in the wastewater market.
  • The polypropylene construction of the diffuser body provides excellent mechanical and abrasion strength, high chemical resistance and optimal mechanical strength.
  • The perforation of the epdm membranes is such that it prevents any sludge or liquid from entering the feeders when aeration is stopped.
  • Aquatube is compatible with high temperatures (up to 110°c).
  • This product is 100% recyclable.


  • Designed for aeration of Activated Sludge Basins in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment plants.
  • The Aquatube® specific design prevents sedimenta-tion and Optimises Mixing and Oxygen Transfer.
  • The Aquatube® 90 is designed to be installed on DN100 stainless steel pipe or DN110 PVC using simple fastening system.
  • The Aquatube® 70 can be installed on square stain-less-steel manifolds or on polypropylene manifolds.

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