Arch breaker ZDM 400

The arch breaker ZDM 400 is a mechanical dosing extractor for powdered products stored in silos.


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  • Regular flow and precise dosage
  • Double feeder with independent operation
  • Easy to adapt to a transfer or recovery module


In order to be able to extract and dose powder from a cylindrical-conical storage silo, SODIMATE has designed and patented an entirely mechanical flow aid system called the “Arch breaker”, to which we have coupled a volumetric powder dosing system using an endless screw.

The arch breaker ZDM 400 can be installed under any type of silo with a conical base, to create a dosing unit tailored to the specific needs of each project.

  • Modular body: allows you to change feeder size without having to change the feeder body.
  • Fixing under silo by simple flange.
  • Regular flow and precise dosage.
  • Low-power drives installed.
  • Double feeder with independent operation.
  • Easy to adapt to a transfer or recovery module.
  • Works independently of the load, with complete emptying of the silo.
  • Mechanical extraction without compacting or contaminating the product.
  • Easy to install: rotating flange, adjustable length, flexible or rigid feeder.


The key component of the arch breaker ZDM 400 is the turbine. It rotates inside the silo cone thanks to its drive source. A system of blades (flexible vanes) prevents the formation of arches and ensures a regular flow. Combined with the feeder, the rigid feeder arms allow the screw to be filled with product to obtain a precise dosage (volumetric flow rate).

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