BB2.5 Vertical

BB2.5 VERTICAL The innovative and effective solution for manhole rehabilitation


Why you need to contact Brandenburger?

  • Tight
  • Durable and cost-optimal
  • Flexible and easy to handle


The BB2.5 VERTICAL is the first manhole liner on the market, that can be securely cured with both – gas discharge technology and LED. It adapts to the prevailing manhole geometry and thus eliminates the need for time-consuming measurement. In addition, the BB2.5 VERTICAL reduces the logistical effort for our costumers on construction site and provides effective holistic rehabilitation of manholes and sewers.

BB2.5 VERTICAL The innovative and effective solution for manhole rehabilitation.

That makes BB2.5 VERTICAL special :

  • Flexible and easy to handle with a long service life.
  • Exact measurement of the manhole before ordering is no longer necessary.
  • Enormous stretchability and precise adaptation to the respective manhole geometry.
  • Endlessly wound, produced by the metre.
  • Rehabilitation of the manhole berm, down to the channel.
  • As a renovation measure, the BB2.5 VERTICAL is an investment and can be depreciated over a long period of time.
  • Tight – efficient – durable – cost-optimal.

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