BC773 RB/RS-5 compactor

Brand-new BC773 RB/RS-5 compactor, the Swiss army knife of waste compactors


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  • Power and versatility
  • Four independent pump system
  • Consistent compaction performance


  • Power : high efficiency STAGE V diesel engines for excellent performance under all conditions;
  • Versatility : models that meet the needs of a wide variety of sites;
  • Optimal slope ability and perfect adaptation to the landfill surface thanks to ± 15° oscillation and excellent traction for homogeneous compaction;
  • The four independent pump system means that each wheel has maximum individual grip regardless of the radius of the turn;
  • Due to the specific shape of the wheels and scrapers, and to its oscillating articulation, it achieves optimal homogeneous compaction, as well as perfect stability of the landfill centre.
  • Meets all the safety requirements for daily use in landfills.


  • 37 tons,
  • Blade capacity: 11.6 m3,
  • Width: 3.80 m,
  • Cab pressurisation system,
  • Obstacle detection system,
  • Anti-fire system,
  • Wheels with polygonal profile and teeth for optimised crushing and mixing,
  • Scrapers ensure clean wheels and consistent compaction performance.

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