Mobile physico-chemical treatment unit with lamellar separation



Mobile physico-chemical treatment unit with lamellar separation

The CLEARFLOW® is a product developed by CTP environnement to meet the planned or emergency needs of in-situ effluent treatment such as draining of pits and basins, firefighting water, accidental pollution, leachates and clarifier bypass for maintenance.

The unit is integrated in 20′ and 40′ sea containers for quick mobilisation.
The system is automated for easy operation.
Treatment of insoluble pollution: suspended solids, hydrocarbons, colloidal COD, metals, cyanides, sulphides.
Hydraulic flow rate up to 70 m3/h
On-line measurement of flow, pH and temperature.
Possible pre-treatments such as oxidation, insolubilisation, neutralisation, skimming and oil removal.






Economical alternative to disposal in an external treatment facility
Significant reduction in the volume of ultimate pollution
Effluents pre-treatment to comply with the acceptable threshold of the existing WWTP
Bypass of a clarifier during a maintenance operation without shutdown

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