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Design consultancy and feasability study

P-Trex accompanies its solutions with all the documentation necessary for the acceptance of the material on site and their calculation reports


Why you need to contact P-TREX by Fibre Net?

  • flexible production
  • Customized solutions
  • Many profiles are ready from stock delivery


Our team supplies technical assistance to companies and professionals for the dimensioning and design of profiles and systems depending on different needs and conditions of use, terms of mechanical requirements and type of environment.

Our services for a proper and sustainable design

The analysis includes phases of preliminary assessments and timely execution of specific services, such as :

  • The correct identification of reference standards for design.
  • Selection/sharing of design loads (in accordance with NTC 2018).
  • Pre-dimensioning and verification of the structures.
  • Preliminary drawings.
  • Realisation of works in the workshop.
  • Logistics activity management.
  • Implementation phase of the project.

Manufacturing flexibility :

  • On stock

P-TREX catalogue offers a wide range of profiles that can be made of different colours and materials. Many profiles are ready from stock delivery.

  • On demand

Thanks to our flexible production capacity, we can face all the needs of our clients, also small batches.

  • Custom

On client request, customized solutions can be made in terms of colour, material and quantity. All the structures and fences can be projected following clients’ requirements.

  • Materials

We manufacture pultruded profiles, structures and fences in composite material FRP.

Depending on usage requirements can be used various type of resins.

  • Polyester.
  • Polyester fire retardant.
  • Acrylic fire retardant.
  • Vinylester.
  • Epoxy.

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P-TREX by Fibre Net

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