Ideal for monitoring air quality in ambient or harsh environments, ECOMSMART tracks pollutants such as NO2, O3, CO, NO, SO2, H2S, VOC, CO, PM1/2.5/4/10 (and others) and temperature, pressure, and humidity.


Why you need to contact ECOMESURE?

  • All-in-one multi-parameter system | Easy to install and use
  • Controlled calibration process for quality measurement
  • Stand-alone version with solar panel and battery


Easy to install, ECOMSMART automatically connects to the environmental data web platform for real-time data monitoring and sensors remote control.

The solution is simple. Data are accessible from anywhere and the only maintenance required is replacing the sensor cartridge. EcomSmart is reliable. Equipped with a memory card and a back-up battery, it continues to measure environmental data in the event of a power failure or network outage. The solution addresses a host of applications: Smart Cities, industrial sites, mining sites, tunnels, construction sites.

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