Goupil G4

Goupil G4 with hot water high pressure washer


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  • Compact size
  • Maximum versatility
  • Fitted with a high tip waste collector


The G4, equipped with a 300-bar high-pressure washer and hot water production system, is ideal for intensive cleaning operations in city centres or industrial sites.

The silent nature of the electric technology and the sound level below 75 dB of the equipment are significant advantages during operations in residential areas.
The compact design of the system makes it possible to fit a storage box and/or provide a loading area (depending on the chassis).


With a large capacity tank (500 L) and a hot water production unit powered by a thermal engine (CNG or diesel), it serves as the perfect working partner for maintenance teams in local councils and industries.

The flow rate (up to 18 L/min) and pressure (up to 300 bar), along with the ability to switch from cold to hot water, allow for operators to adapt to the surface being cleaned. The adjustable dual-stream lance offers maximum versatility.

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