LH22 loader

Liebherr LH22, the state of the art material handler


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  • Maximum stability
  • Exceptional lifting strength
  • Obstacle detection and anti-fire systems


The LH22 loader is specially developed for use in recycling scrap metal and waste.

Product strengths

Exceptional lifting strength and maximum stability

Additional equipment available for a clamshell grab :

  • Grab bucket,
  • Grapple,
  • Electromagnet.

Additional equipment available for a dipper with equipment actuator :

  • Ditch-cleaning bucket,
  • Selector grab,
  • Grab bucket,
  • Grapple,
  • Electromagnet.


  • 23 tons,
  • 6 metre straight boom,
  • Cab pressurisation system,
  • Obstacle detection system,
  • Anti-fire system,
  • Dipper with 4 metre clamshell grab or Dipper with 4 metre equipment actuator.

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