Lime mixer KBL 

The MOOS lime mixer automatically mixes dewatered sludge and lime


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  • Fast and efficient
  • Simple adjustment of lime dosage
  • Easily operated by a single person


The lime mixer KBL is fast and efficient and produces sludge with a pH value of 12+, which wipes out all pathogens. This leaves you with a high-value fertiliser which can be spread on agricultural land.

The lime mixer is a compact and mobile unit that can be set up where it will be used. This saves a lot of money on the transport of dewatered sludge.


  • Simple and logical operation via the control panel.
  • Simple adjustment of lime dosage using the control lever.
  • Capacity : 10 m³/hour.
  • Sludge capacity : 6 m³.
  • Lime capacity : 1.5 m³.
  • Easily operated by a single person.

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