MainLite easy

Transportable inspection system for main sewers


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  • Fast data transfer
  • Can be used anywhere, even to hard-to-reach places
  • Extensive measuring functions for qualified condition assessment


The MainLite easy consists of a motordriven cable winch with 150 metres of camera cable and a control console (BP 100). The IBAK camera tractors T66 and T76 and the cameras NANO (L), ORION 3 SD (L), ORPHEUS 2/3 and ARGUS 5 can be operated with the MainLite easy.

  • Can be used anywhere : Easy to transport even to hard-to-reach places.
  • Added value : Thanks to extensive measuring functions for qualified condition assessment.
  • Extends radius of action : With the portable base for main sewer inspections independently of the vehicle.
  • Fast data transfer : Easy transfer of inspection results to customers.


  • Deployment range : DN 100 and up
  • Steering function : Yes
  • Cruise control : Yes
  • Speed : continuously variable
  • Pressure monitoring : Yes
  • Tilt measurement : Yes
  • Temperature measurement : Yes
  • Ex-protection : Yes

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