ODYSSEE has been a leader in film-forming amines for over 15 years and has now released its 5th-generation product.

This innovative technology helps neutralize water’s corrosive properties while minimizing its own environmental impact. The innovative combination of less harmful, better performing molecules provides improved corrosion protection for metals.

ODYSSEE developed ODYGEO, a product dedicated to geothermal sites that guarantees the effectiveness of film-forming amines, even when subjected to high temperature.

Because we want to make these innovations affordable to manufacturers and operators, ODYSSEE offers products adapted to market prices.



Product Strenghts

Applied to geothermal sites, ODYGEO guarantees an extended operational life of infrastructures.

To protect systems from the naturally corrosive effects of water, ODYGEO attaches to the walls of the water circuits, reducing levels of treatment actives in the water and thus minimizing the impacts on the resource while optimizing its use.


ODYGEO products are applied just like their standard counterparts, requiring no prior adaptation of existing equipment or processes.

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