ODYLIFE is the first 100% biosourced antiscaling active ingredient, developed, manufactured and offered exclusively by ODYSSEE.

ODYLIFE is a major innovation for the water treatment sector, which provides concrete confirmation that it is possible to treat industrial water in a way that is sustainable, truly green and petrochemical-free. It delivers superior performance compared to an equivalent dose of petrochemical-based products.



Product Strenghts

ODYLIFE is an active ingredient with a low environmental impact due to its 100% biosourced composition (active ingredients and additives derived from plants) and its manufacturing method. The life cycle analysis shows that it has 85% less environmental impact than standard products.

ODYLIFE is also a product of the agricultural value chain. It is farming with immediate impacts because one hectare of ODYLIFE crops replaces one tonne of phosphates or polyacrylates.

Farmed locally and produced in Requeil, ODYLIFE is certified by Solar Impulse, a foundation that lists 1,000 effective solutions and shows that innovation can provide reliable alternatives that benefit the environment.


ODYLIFE resembles and is applied like traditional products. Moreover, it requires no prior adaptation of existing equipment or processes.

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