“Plug & play” Type 800 SL-600

This box is the safest, most simple to use and most cost-efficient solution there is in the world for Lithium-ion batteries of up to 4 kWh


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  • Economical
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Approved up to a maximum of 4 kWh


P911 certified for critically damaged lithium-ion batteries

This «PLUG & PLAY» plastic box, with its internal walls incorporating a metal cage, can accommodate the AKKUGRAIN® solution. This solution secures your storage and transport of lithium batteries in compliance with ADR requirements.

AKKUGRAIN® is a new (patented) material that will revolutionize the industry. This new solution allows damaged lithium batteries to be handled in plastic (UN-certified) pallet boxes, ensuring protection and total safety, while maintaining low economic cost and low weight.

AKKUGRAIN® reacts to thermal runaway, rapidly lowers temperature, prevents fire spread and filters out toxic acids and gases.

Product strengths

  • This case is the safest, easiest and most economical solution.
  • The packaging has been tested and meets the additional requirements of P911.
  • Approved up to a maximum of 4 kWh .


  • External dimensions (mm): 600x800x740,
  • Volume: 120 liters,
  • Weight: 70 Kg,
  • Maximum load: 91 Kg,
  • The inner metal wall is filled with AKKUGRAIN® granules.

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