Pneumatic transfer systems

Sodimate’s pneumatic transfer systems are an alternative to powder screw conveyors when on-site installation is complex


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  • Low-pressure use
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Transport over long distances


The product is stored in a silo or big-bag then discharged and fed, using the Sodimate bin activator and screw feeder, to a T-chute where it’s conveyed through a pipeline to its injection point. The powder is injected at the end of the pneumatic pipeline through an injection nozzle. The metal components of the system (T-chute and injection nozzle) are suitable for transporting powder and to avoid blockages, an anti-clogging coating is applied to the surfaces in contact with the product.

Pneumatic transfers can transport powders over long distances, from 0.2 kg/h to 1000 kg/h.


The sizing considers the isometry and vacuum at the injection point in order to comply with the velocity standards for the powder in the pipe. In order to adjust the parameters of the blowing device according to the constraints of the project, a Pitot probe-type measurement sensor for measuring speed, flow rate and pressure is placed on the speed ramp.

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