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Scrubber-dryer KIRA B 50

The KIRA B 50 scrubber-dryer is ideal for cleaning industrial floors up to 15,000 m²


Why you need to contact KARCHER SAS?

  • The 100% autonomous
  • Offers an optimal output
  • Quality of cleaning, ease of use and safety


The 100% autonomous scrubber-dryer KIRA B 50 combines quality of cleaning, ease of use and safety, while offering an optimal output. Ideal for cleaning industrial floors up to 15,000 m², both production sites and warehouses.

Thanks to its docking station, the robot cleans, fills its clean water tank, drains and rinses its dirty water tank and recharges its lithium-ion battery.

Anyone can program the KIRA B 50. It is intuitive and can be set up without any special knowledge. The user interface guides the user with clear instructions, illustrations and animations. The touch screen offers easy control over all functions.

Product strengths 

The robot is certified for use in the presence of the public in accordance with CSA_22.2 No.336-17 and IEC 63327. Data security is at the heart of the KIRA B 50’s design. Kärcher developed the scrubber-dryer and the human/machine interface. The data storage is in Europe and the robot is certified against cyber attacks by SYSS.


Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors (LiDAR laser scanner, ultrasound and 3D sensors) combined with a high-performance navigation system, it detects glass walls, moving people and all kinds of obstacles. It scans the environment at 360°, can make U-turns and detect blind spots or empty spaces.


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