Slow speed shredder inventhor 9

The Inventhor 9 is the largest slow-speed shredder in the Doppstadt range


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  • Start and stop of shredding under load
  • Different programs available for different applications
  • Rotor speed can be adjusted independently of the engine


The Inventhor 9 is designed for shredding all types of materials : wood, waste wood, green waste, construction/demolition waste, non-hazardous industrial waste (HW), stumps…. Its power, its shredding system with a 3m-long drum and its innovative transmission technology enable it to achieve very high levels of output.

Like the Inventhor 6, the Inventhor 9 shredder is equipped with the new generation VarioDirect Drive transfer box, giving it a host of advantages. Rotor speed can be adjusted independently of the engine, rotor reversion during the work phase, start and stop of shredding under load, automatic mode deactivated in the event of overload, complete stop of shredding in the event of a problem, and different programs available for different applications. This new transmission chain offers all the functions of a hydraulic transmission, while retaining the efficiency of a direct drive.


  • Drive : Moteur diesel – MTU 6R1300*
  • Nominal power : 390 kW (530 CV) to 1.800 tr/min
  • Pollution standards : Euromot V
  • Cylinder capacity : 11.970 cm3
  • Fuel capacity : 950 l
  • Drum length : 3.000 mm
  • Drum diameter : 600 / 800 mm
  • Drum speed : – 5 to 32 min-1
  • Rear conveyor Width : 1.200 mm – Length 8.500 mm (optional 7 000 mm or 4,8m)
  • Discharge height : 4 890 mm (crawler track version)
  • Rear conveyor speed : up to 2,0 m/s

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