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While some of the micropollutants carried away by runoff partially bind to particles and are trapped in settling devices or filtered through the surface layers of the soil, others, present in dissolved form, infiltrate. This is the case for the diffuse oil pollution originating from vehicle oil or grease leaks. Their concentration can be problematic. This is particularly the case for PAHs: the 2020 edition of the “Key figures on water and aquatic environments” by the MTE and OFB, showed that 2/3 of the micropollutants quantified in watercourses are of PAHs. Among the 10 PAHs mainly found in runoff, 6 are already classified as carcinogenic and 4 have a dissolved concentration which sometimes exceeds the EQS in certain situations. It is therefore advisable to treat them as soon as they infiltrate.

TenCate GeoClean® reduces diffuse pollution that stormwater carries as it infiltrates the ground. It infiltrates water instantly thanks to its high permeability (> 10-2 m / s); then, by passing through the infiltration structure and in contact with the oleophilic filaments, more than 99% of the free hydrocarbons are irreversibly fixed. Maintenance-free, it activates and then systematically and durably stimulates their biodegradation by soil microorganisms. The treated water has a low residual hydrocarbon content (between 0.4 and 2 mg / l), avoiding chronic soil pollution. More specifically, the residual PAHs are lower than the EQS

Designed and manufactured in France, aquatextile is suitable for any infrastructure emitting hydrocarbons (roads, roads, parking, etc.). It fits into open or buried stormwater infiltration structures, and under permeable coverings. By improving the quality of water, it responds in a unique way to ecological issues relating to the transition of territories and the preservation of biodiversity.


Why you need to contact TenCate AquaVia?

  • Instantly infiltrates water over its entire surface thanks to its high permeability > 10-2 m / s
  • Cleans rainwater by fixing more than 99% of the hydrocarbons dissolved in the infiltration structure
  • Systematically and sustainably stimulates the biodegradation of fixed hydrocarbons and PAHs


Our solution has been validated in several projects in France by private and public authorities.

TenCate AquaVia

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