TLF® Aerators low speed surface aerator

Fixed or mobile aerators with one of the highest real yields on the market.


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  • Flexibility and customisation
  • Maximum oxygenation efficiency
  • Various material of construction for all types of applications


  • Significant power range from 1.5kw to 200 kw (higher power on request).
  • Maximum oxygenation efficiency and effective mixing.
  • Various material of construction for all types of applications.
  • Flexibility and customisation to meet the customer’s requirements.


  • Slow speed aerators used for aeration and mixing of urban and industrial wastewater in various processes.
  • Provided in either fixed bridge or floating designs.
  • Ideal for Aerating most types of wastewater or industrial effluents.
  • The TLF® Turbine Aerators are ones of the most efficient ae-ration products in the marketplace.
  • Produces High Mixing and Homogenous Solutions in large lagoons and ASP tanks.

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