Type ALP adjustable lifting point

Reliable rigging and lifting solutions that attach to existing steel sections without any drilling or welding


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  • Safe working load up to 3t
  • Versatile and easily repositioned
  • Adjusts to fit different sized beams


The Type ALP is an ‘off-the-shelf’ adjustable lifting point, designed to support loads up to 3 metric tonne (29.4kN) with a +/- 18° lift angle from the supporting steelwork.

  • Safe working load up to 3t (29.4kN).
  • Large load ring can be set to suit the lift orientation.
  • Versatile and easily repositioned.
  • Adjusts to fit different sized beams.


Material & Finishes :

  • Adjustable lifting point.
  • Type AAF clamps (low temperature SG iron, hot dip galvanised).
  • Location Plate (mild steel, hot dip galvanised) and Load Ring (forged steel, painted).

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