UN certified boxes

A single-piece plastic box for the storage and transport of dangerous goods


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  • Robust
  • Made of recyclable plastic
  • Can be supplied in different sizes


DOLAV® UN certified boxes are the perfect solution to ensure the safe handling of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. UN boxes can be supplied in different sizes according to the customer’s needs and requirements. DOLAV® can also provide on demand certified products and has experience leading projects in collaboration with the customers for special requests.

A single-piece plastic box with a lid with 4 or 10 straps according to the desired certification and certified for the storage and transport of dangerous goods.

Product strengths

One-piece box, reputed to be very robust and made of recyclable plastic. Available in various formats and certified 11H2, 4H2 or 50H according to your needs.


Product specifications

  • Fully recyclable HDPE boxes are available in many colours,
  • They meet UN 11H2, 50H or 4H2 standards,
  • External dimensions (mm): 1200x1000x740,
  • Interior dimensions (mm): 1128 928 585,
  • Volume: 605 liters.

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