Last November, Christian Brabant, CEO of Éco-systèmes, presented for the first time at Pollutec the “Telephony Village”, a hotspot at the show to discover the best of French know-how in mobile device recycling.

On this occasion, Éco-systèmes had brought together four partners and actors of telephony and mobile technology: Les Ateliers du Bocage, Sofi Groupe, Remade and Fnac Darty.

Gathered around tech, solidarity and environmental initiatives centered on mobile devices, the Telephony Village showcased their solutions for the diagnosis, repair, reuse, repackaging and recycling of old mobiles.





Éco-systèmes is an ESR service in charge of the end-of-life of household WEEE. ESR is a non-for-profit organisation accredited by the French Authorities. In accordance with French and European regulations, ESR carries out a mission of public interest, i.e. the deployment throughout France of a system for collection, decontamination and recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

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