Which innovations at Pollutec 2018 can be useful in your everyday life?

Each edition of Pollutec reveals numerous new innovations. As these are often associated with professionals and their specific requirements, it is sometimes overlooked that some of them can quite easily be used in our everyday lives.

Let’s take a look at these innovations from the 2018 edition of Pollutec. Hélène Bouillon-Duparc – innovation consultant for Pollutec – presents her personal selection.


What can we do at home?

  • use a fabric that depollutes the indoor air, like the one available from the Italian company Anemotech
  • ventilate the interior according to the quality of the air outdoors or indoors using Ecomesure and its connected station
  • protect and insulate the water meter when it is located outside – and thus avoid leaks – with the cover Protecto
  • paint the roof white to reflect the heat of the sun thanks to a technique installed by CoolRoof
  • compost and grow fruit and vegetables on-site using UpCycle
  • use cleaning products available in powder form (without water which means less CO2 produced in the transport) and which are also enriched with probiotics and are 100% natural (Uption)
  • avoid using insecticides and chemical products to combat mosquitoes by opting for the BAM trap from Qistawhich attracts females with an olfactory bait and recycled CO2
  • put plastic waste in the recycling bins (plastic film, coffee capsules, blisters, yoghurt pots, polystyrene trays) thanks to additional recycling recommendations proposed by Tomra Sorting and Pellenc ST
  • monitor energy consumption and identify areas where savings could be made and see where changes can be made using the platform eGreen
  • monitor water consumption and reduce it using the connected solution from Robeau
  • opt for self-consumption with Zest and its Cubes concept offering plug and play installations
  • if you have a swimming pool, follow the suggestions of Sorodist and use a liquid cover which will simultaneously save water, energy and reagents for the maintenance of this swimming pool.


What can we away from home?

  • put our used upholstered seating and sleeping products – pillows, duvets and cushions in the specific PRAC container from AZ Métal Environnement
  • bring your acrylic paint pots and tins to the waste disposal facility: they will be recovered in new paint with Circouleur / Nobatek
  • AZ Métal

    Specific PRAC container

    no longer throw cigarettes on the ground but use Ecophyse, a game where cigarette ends are used as ballot papers, or Cy-Clope, which collects the cigarette ends and recovers reuses them in cement plants using Chimirec

  • avoid disposing of exotic plants in the nature and check whether there is an appropriate recovery facility, as is the case for Japanese knotweed (Rhizomex)
  • than that of individual cars: SupraWays‘ air transport infrastructures, CityScoot, self-service electric scooters, Trottix, electric scooters and Covoit’ici, local car-pooling
  • drink water recovered from effluents. This is the case of the Nereusproject applied in a restaurant offering this water on its menu, as well as water from the community
  • at the office, use washable and re-usable cups. in anticipation of the ban on plastic cups that will be introduced in 2020 (CleanCup / CED’in)


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