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  • Low-cost materials
  • Easy to clean and regenerate
  • Low maintenance costs.

Who we are

Ace EcoChem Co., Ltd. developed a metal oxide adsorbent to improve the economic efficiency of its water treatment system. A process that can reduce the load rate of the post-processing process by efficiently removing organic and suspended solids through the physical and chemical adsorption method and control the contamination of the separator, combining the reverse osmotic processes (Ca, Mg), and T-P (total phosphorus) in the water treatment design process.

Our advantages

SILIFOG®-ECO600 can efficiently control organic and suspended solids through physical and chemical methods, and are composed of low-cost materials, low initial investment, easy to clean and regenerate, so low maintenance costs.

Our products


Our SILIFOG®-ECO600 is a product coated with metal oxide on the surface of a homogeneous polymer of 0.5 ~ 0.6 mm in size.

This product can be used as a water treatment filter, and functions such as turbidity, suspended solids, organic substances (COD, BOD, TOC, fluorescent protein, etc.), hardness components (Ca, Mg), and T-P (total phosphorus).

When the adsorption limit is reached, it can be reused semi-permanently if it is regenerated with a low concentration of basic solution, and it has the advantage of being easy to handle and high backwashing efficiency due to the small specific gravity of the product.


Ace ecochem

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