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Cap Eco Recycling

« Tailor-made solutions for the management of rigid and flexible plastic waste »

Why you need to contact Cap Eco Recycling?

  • Analysis and quality control
  • Customised logistics and weighing
  • Certified ISO 9001 (v 2015) and ISO 14001

Everything from collection to processing !

Cap Eco Recycling is providing tailor-made solutions for the management of rigid and flexible plastic waste. We also supply recycled plastic materials.

Our company

Cap Eco Recycling is a key player in the circular economy, specialised in the recycling of commodity (e.g. PE, PP) and engineering thermoplastic resins (e.g. Polycarbonate, Polyamide, ABS and PS). We recover end-of-life plastic materials (post-industrial and post-production), plastic scrap, and production offcuts towards nearby French and European streams & customers.

Cap Eco Recycling is certified ISO 9001 (v 2015) and ISO 14001.

Advice, logistic, sorting, preparation, transformation, traceability, selling, trading. Cap Eco stands at your side.

Our offer

  • Services: installation of collection containers, on-site advice intended to enhance your teams’ skills needed in achieving efficient collection flows, as well as partnerships with waste collectors and recyclers,
  • Customised logistics & weighing via our weighbridge certified for commercial transactions,
  • Analysis & quality control both upstream and downstream of production,
  • Plastic materials prepared for recycling and processed on our industrial site,
  • Sale of recycled plastics and trading of plastic waste,
  • Cap Eco Recycling can also provide toll grinding services on a custom contract basis.

Cap Eco Recycling

Waste / Recycling, reuse, repurposing

« Tailor-made solutions for the management of rigid and flexible plastic waste »

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