« COPEX is a leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of machines for recycling all types of solid waste »

Why you need to contact COPEX?

  • Exists since 1948
  • Offers a wide range of machines to cover all needs
  • The robustness and reliability of our machines are paramount

Copex has been providing innovative solutions to press and cut all types of solid waste since 1948: the power of experience to assist you with your project.

Our company

Since 1948 – the company celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2023! – COPEX has been a leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of machines for recycling all types of solid waste. As a privileged partner of the recycling companies, steelmakers and foundries, the company offers hydraulic shears and balers for processing scrap and metals. The Brittany-based company is also renowned for its innovative compacting solutions to press almost all compressible materials into high density bales, for example household waste, CIW, RDF, WEEE, wood, plant fibres and textiles, paper and cardboard, aluminium, light scrap metal, bulky items, etc.

“ Mr Debaere, can you tell us more about the background to your investment in a 1,000-tonne LIDEX shear press in 2021?

- The machine is installed in France in the city of Hirson (France) on a site bought by the GALLOO group in 2006. The team has significantly increased its activity, from 1,000 tonnes to 3,000 tonnes processed every month. The 800-tonne shear we had was getting old and insufficient for our new production needs. What's more, oxy-fuel cutting and other heavy parts were not passing through the machine. So the Board of Directors decided to invest in a new static shear, with the aim of processing 150 tonnes a day.

What were the factors that tipped the balance in favour of COPEX?

- Once the investment decision had been taken, we investigated the market of European manufacturers, which obviously included COPEX. As a leader in its field, the GALLOO Group has always been very sensitive to innovation and technical developments in equipment. The visit to DENGASC near Toulouse gave us the opportunity to discover the lid system unique to COPEX and the kinematics of the loading table, which enables the scrap to be dumped in the middle of the compression box. In fact, a large part of the work is carried out using the lid, making it possible to automate the operating cycle. We have already been able to verify this technical progress on our site where, since the installation of the LIDEX, almost 95% of the scrap is processed in a complete automatic cycle from closing the lid to cutting. Secondly, we liked the hydraulic system, which is highly efficient and provides smooth, reliable operation. Another advantage for the worksite is that a greater number of parts passes through this shear, enabling us to reduce oxy-fuel cutting and increase added value. Finally, I'd like to say a few words about the blade changing system developed by COPEX. I have to admit that we were a little sceptical at first, but the latest news is that our teams do indeed replace the blades in an hour, and under optimum safety and working conditions."  ”

Rik Debaere, CEO

Galloo Group Belgium

Our offer

As a result of ongoing massive investment in Research & Development, COPEX has been able to renew all its manufacturing ranges in recent years, adapting to technological change and to the requirements of its global market.

COPEX offers a wide range of machines to cover all needs :

  • LIDEX static scrap shears with side compression available with cutting forces of 1000, 1300, 1700 and 2000 tonnes, in electric or diesel version,
  • S-Wing static scrap shears with press wings existing with cutting forces of 800 and 1000 tonnes, in electric or diesel version, with optional loading table,
  • REFLEX mobile, portable and fixed shears with 650 or 900 tonnes cutting force,
  • Single, double and triple compression balers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals (PCC and PCV),
  • Mobile and static balers for ELVs and light scrap,
  • PMM multi-material baling presses, with or without wrapping of the bales, for household, industrial and collection waste, RDF, etc.


  • Made in France production : COPEX manufactures its machines at its factory in the French city of Caudan, where around a hundred people are employed. This is the guarantee for optimum manufacturing quality.
  • Diversification of the product range : The manufacture of scrap shears remains COPEX’s core business. In addition, the company has put all its technical expertise into machines for the household waste recycling industry, the new waste management processes, the nuclear sector, and other industries…
  • Strong commitment to innovation : With its extensive design office, COPEX has renewed its ranges with a major advantage: as a designer-builder, the company offers the necessary proximity between those who manufacture and those in charge of development.
  • Service as DNA : The robustness and reliability of our machines are paramount. In addition, any machine manufacturer shall be able to offer a global service. Copex attaches a great deal of importance to supporting its customers: from the project stage by advising them on their choice of machine, then in the operational management of their order right through to on-site installation of the machine, and finally in the management of the after-sales service and the maintenance.


Waste / Waste management

« COPEX is a leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of machines for recycling all types of solid waste »

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