« Ecomaison is specialized in th the eco-organisation for the whole house »

Why you need to contact Ecomaison?

  • Contributes to building a zero-waste future
  • Tailored to both private individuals and professionals
  • Ecomaison has become France's leading supplier of recycled wood


Our company

We are an eco-organisation. Our role is to organise the collection, sorting, repair, reuse and recycling of all household objects and materials to ensure they have a second life. To carry out this mission, we operate within a very specific framework: we are state-approved.

To operate, we collect the eco-participation fee: this is the share that everyone pays when they buy a new product. The sums paid are used to set up services and solutions tailored to both private individuals and professionals, so that used products can easily be collected, sorted, donated, repaired, reused and recycled. The aim: to give a second life to household objects and materials, so as to avoid drawing on natural resources and preserve our environment. At Ecomaison, we do everything we can to make these actions easy for everyone.

Our offer

Ecomaison works to make the collection, sorting and recycling of household objects and materials simple and effective.

  • For private individuals, our solutions are available all over France: everyone can find a collection point close to home, everyone can go to an association to donate what they no longer want, and everyone should also know that shops offer take-back. Ecomaison has developed an interactive map to make it easy to find collection points all over France.
  • Manufacturers, distributors and importers who produce or sell materials and objects for the home have different needs. So our solutions are tailored to them: we’ve created an interface that’s a one-stop shop. A service that helps them to manage their regulatory obligations and to implement recycling, take-back, reuse, innovation: everything that contributes to building a zero-waste future.
  • For craftsmen and home improvement professionals, we provide tailor-made solutions: interactive map of dedicated collection points, information on waste sorting, collection containers for their sites.c
  • For local authorities and social economy associations, we provide guidance, training, communication support, networking, etc. By working hand in hand with its partners, Ecomaison facilitates and promotes collection, repair and reuse solutions for everyone.


Since 2013, Ecomaison has already taken in over 10 million tonnes of used furniture and bedding; objects or materials whose recycling has prevented the equivalent of 1,000 Eiffel Towers of waste from being landfilled. Previously, 55% of discarded furniture was landfilled. 10 years later, it’s already less than 3%. With 760,000 tonnes a year, Ecomaison has even become France’s leading supplier of recycled wood.


Waste / Recycling, reuse, repurposing

« Ecomaison is specialized in th the eco-organisation for the whole house »

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