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Why you need to contact ERED?

  • Multi-purpose solar power supply solutions for our customers
  • For individuals and professionals
  • Adapted solutions

Who we are

Ered Inc. develops and manufactures solar-powered tiny ESS to provide electricity for home and devices in off-grid environments. By demand of electricity, users can expand the capability of power generation and storage by adding PV panel and battery pack. It has IP66 level housing and is easy to install on various sites.

DotGrid is a multipurpose power supply system harvesting solar energy, storing it in the battery, and providing electricity to various appliances in off-grid environment.

Charging: Expendable connection of solar panels from 60W to 240W or from 1 solar panel to 2 solar panels – When connected to the grid, charging by grid connection will be activated only if the photovoltaic energy charging is not available

Storage: Expendable up to 2 battery packs, 1,024W capacity of storage – Easy to exchange battery packs when the battery packs are needed to be changed – The two battery packs are independently operated to prevent excessive flow of current between battery packs when they are connected in parallel

Discharge: DC 5V 2 ports including 1 USB port, with Max 2Ah output in total – DC 12V 2 ports with Max. 11Ah output in total – DC 24V 2 ports including 1 lighting port having auto turn-on, turn-off, and dimming, with Max 20Ah output in total

Installation: Selection of vertical, horizontal surface and pole mount according to the user’s need and condition of the venue – Adjustable solar panel angle facing the sun to optimize harvesting solar power at the location of installation

Protection: IP 66 – Wind resistance up to 50m/s wind – Using rust free and light anodized aluminum extruded enclosures and ABS for housing – Planned to be tested for the other industrial safety and qualification standard


Our advantages

We provide solar powered multipurpose power supply solutions to our clients of individual, corporate and public service providers.
Our solutions are suitable to various needs of electric demand at off-grid or unreliable grid to secure electricity.


Our products



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« Power ready to go »

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