« A step ahead in water technology »

Why you need to contact Europelec?

  • Exists for over 60 years
  • Leader on the French market
  • Exports its solutions to more than 40 countries



Our company

For over 60 years, EUROPELEC has been designing, manufacturing and installing equipment for the pre-treatment and treatment of urban and industrial effluents. Leader on the French market, EUROPELEC also exports its solutions to more than 40 countries from its plant located near Paris. To further meet their customer’s needs, EUROPELEC expanded their offering to include rentals and services in 2020.

Our offer

Europelec currently offer a comprehensive range of equipment and services in constant evolution in the water sector :

  • Surface and Submerged Aeration Turbines, Brush Aerators and Fine to Medium bubble diffused Aeration Grids.
  • Degreasers, Grit Chambers and De-gassers, Decanters and Separators, Scraper Bridges, Suction Bridges, Thickeners.
  • Bolted Metal Tanks for Effluent Treatment or Liquid Storage.
  • Between the redesign of the company’s initial product range (Aquafen®, Sofie®) and the regular marketing of new products (Floating Ramps, Aerostream®, Aerospeed®, Noemi® system).
  • Pond Lining solutions in Aluminium, Fibreglass or with a Flexible reinforced PVC membrane.
  • Rental service fora aeration and Mixing Equipment.


The possibility of integrating europelec equipment and accessories for a turnkey installation that significantly reduces project management costs while streamlining the management of orders, purchasing

(Process calculations), design,transport, onsite installation, and commissioning of equipment.


Water / Treatment, distribution and sanitation

« A step ahead in water technology »

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