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Lindemann Germany GmbH

« Manufacturer, Machine Builder, 360° Solution Partner in Metal Recycling »

Why you need to contact Lindemann Germany GmbH?

  • Quality made in Germany
  • Outstanding performance
  • Durability, efficiency and reliability

Lindemann Germany GmbH

Lindemann Germany GmbH

Our company

LINDEMANN is a designer, developer and producer of first class premium machinery, plants and original parts. The company serves customers from the scrap and metal processing- and producing industries, the automotive industry as well as foundries and steel mills. It has been performing outstanding work in this field continuously for 110 years. And it still is today.

The company with 20 locations (subsidiaries and sales partners) worldwide, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, also offers the whole metal recycling value chain up to separation, sorting and dedusting and thus qualifies for the ”Fit for 55″ climate package.

In addition, LINDEMANN stands for reliable and customer-oriented expert service, which is available both locally via the country network as well as on request remotely around the clock.


Lindemann Advantages – A decisive WIN for you

Working with LINDEMANN Metal Recycling makes your business successful.

Premium metal recycling machines and plants

  • Top Engineering Quality “made in Germany” keeps your metal recycling machine durable and more resistant.
  • Unique 400 bar Hydraulic Systems for higher performance and efficiency: Many LINDEMANN machines are equipped with a hydraulic drive system with pressures of up to 400 bar, which is still in a class of its own. The complete system, including the components, is designed to achieve maximum performance with the lowest possible energy requirements.
  • Outstanding performance: With LINDEMANN you can expect maximum output per installed drive power, no wastage of power reserves, and low operational expenditures (OpEx) thanks to minimized downtimes as a result of intelligent maintenance approaches.

Reliable customer service onsite and 24/7 remote

  • Competent and concentrated advice from query to offer, also beyond the product: Full-service support at your location for all your machine and plant requirements.
  • Professional inspection, repair, and optimizing of your machine. Directly at the customer site or remotely via telephone, online by means of
  • PLC telediagnosis or digitally via Smart Glass technology.
    Optimized cost management: No additional travel costs and travel times, up to 20% discount possible on your individual service package, and billing by the minute.

Original equipment manufacturer for spare and wear parts

  • Original only : We have been developing and testing original LINDEMANN recycling spare and wear parts since 1913.
  • Quality made in Germany : The durability, efficiency, reliability, and costs of our parts are considered as early as the product development phase, influencing both choice of materials and manufacturing processes.
  • More than 300.000 parts on stock : Our worldwide inventory of over 300,000 parts, including most wear parts as well as critical spare parts, allows us to service both current and former machine generations.

Innovative and sustainable solutions for the metal recycling industry

  • InDex : Web portal with app for data analysis. All data from your machine can be visualized and analyzed in the InDEx web portal and the app.
  • The data can be transferred to programs and systems designed for controlling purposes, if required. This ensures improved performance, maintenance optimization, higher productivity, and transparent controlling.
  • SDA Concept : Maximize your productivity, performance, and profitability with the Shredder Drive Assistant (SDA). Constant throughput at high levels and reduction of costly current peaks (check) VFD (variable frequency drive) concept: Shredder drive consisting of a robust and high-quality medium voltage squirrel cage motor (6 or 6.6 kV) fed by a medium voltage VFD, energy-efficient system with lower electrical energy losses (energy wasted as heat in conventional drive systems).
  • VFD (variable frequency drive) Concept : Shredder drive consisting of a robust and high-quality medium-voltage squirrel-cage motor (6 or 6.6 kV) fed by a medium-voltage VFD, Energy-efficient system with lower electrical energy losses (energy wasted as heat in conventional drive systems).

Lindemann Germany GmbH

Waste / Recycling, reuse, repurposing

« Manufacturer, Machine Builder, 360° Solution Partner in Metal Recycling »

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