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Why you need to contact My NDS?

  • Launched in 2014
  • A reactive after sales service
  • A complete solution, technically advanced and at the best quality / price ratio

My Network Detection Solutions

Launched in 2014, in order to answer an increasing demand due to the development of buried network detection technologies, My Network Detection Solutions is the result of a long-term collaboration between two business associates Julien CABAGNO and Philippe CAPON.



Our company

Our history

After working for more than a decade in the energy distribution networks field, we have decided to develop a structure specialized in the supply of ground penetrating radars.
Expert in the use of this GPR technique, we have decided to bring our knowledge to our customers to help them get the best out of their radar.
Today, we offer our customers a complete solution, technically advanced and at the best quality / price ratio, in order to optimize their investment when they acquire a GPR.
Our solutions come with a training adapted to each individual’s level; from beginners to experts.
We also propose a reactive after sales service in case of technical issues, either directly from France, but also throughout our local European partners.
Our distributors around Europe allow us to perform demonstrations in a lot of different countries as well. We are looking for opportunities everywhere, please contact us !

Our offer


For the same reason you do not purchase a powerful car without having a driving license, it is necessary, not to say essential, to follow a good training when you acquire buried networks detection tools.
In order to optimize this material investment, it must come with a human investment. The operator will gain experience on each new job site, and will, day by day, improve his knowledge.
To start in best conditions in this field of activity, My-NDS propose step by step accompanying measures, with training modules adapted to the choice of the equipement and the operator’s experience, beginner or confirmed.
These training couses can be organiszed for several days, individually or by group, depending on our customer’s choices.

Our range of products

We are specialized in the distribution of radar technology. Ground Penetrating Radars are used in many different field of activities such as :

  • Buried network locating
  • Forensics
  • Military
  • Archaeology
  • Geology
  • Depending on the application you want to use a GPR for, different products may be worth the interest. We basically separate our systems in three branches : kart-mounted GPR, concrete scanners, and other applications.


Risks / Services, project engineering, studies and consultancy

« Buried network detection solutions - Ground Penetrating Radar »

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