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« Take action in favour of ethical water performance »

Water treatment by ODYSSEE Environnement

Specialized in sustainable, more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly water treatment, ODYSSEE takes an ethical and global approach to industrial water management.

Industries need water.  The volume they consume each year continues to increase. In fact, 20% of all water used goes to industrial applications. Yet, water is a limited resource.

ODYSSEE hydroethicists invent, manufacture and offer solutions to help reduce the various industrial footprints linked to water, all while optimizing performances.

The impact of ODYSSEE’s water treatment solutions is immediate, for consumers and industrial facilities.

ODYSSEE Environnement brings together three complementary activities:

* Consulting and support services to manufacturers and operators, including water treatment, equipment and maintenance
* Innovation and manufacturing. All ODYSSEE’S solutions are 100% made in France, at its Requeil plant
* Export and distribution of ODYSSEE’s water treatment solutions, thanks to the ODYSSEE Team network.

ODYSSEE’S solutions are distributed throughout 30 countries, and more than 8,000 industrial sites and tertiary sector infrastructures are already supported by ODYSSEE hydroethicists in France. Are you next?

Our offer

  • Water treatment
  • Facility safety (equipment, analysis, maintenance)
  • Consumption monitoring (management)

Competitive advantages

ODYSSEE aims to ensure that industrial activities have an impact on the environment that is at the very least neutral, if not positive, without compromising on efficiency.

That’s the purpose of hydroethics and ethical water performance: savings for manufacturers and the planet.

The solutions we offer help reduce the various footprints of industrial applications:

  • Water footprint, because the measures taken reduce water consumption without reducing industrial performance levels.
  • Environmental footprint, by opting for systems better adapted to the ecosystem, ones that are biosourced, free of petrochemicals, less aggressive, etc.
  • Energy footprint of the system: the water treatment optimizes water circulation and heat exchanges, and thus reduces energy consumption.
  • And as a result, the carbon footprint, by reducing the resources that are mobilized for proper network operations.

ODYSSEE Environnement

Water / IoT, smart water and water efficiency

« Take action in favour of ethical water performance »

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