« Self-consume and manage your renewable energy Photovoltaic trackers and self-consumption optimization algorithms »

The OKwind company

Created in 2009, OKwind Group designs, manufactures and installs smart and connected photovoltaic trackers, two-axis and two-sided. Dedicated to the self-consumption of professional sites (industrial sites, wastewater treatment plants, tertiary buildings, etc.), they provide our customers with renewable energy at a competitive price without the contribution of public subsidies.

These trackers are part of an energy management ecosystem driven by Artificial Intelligence which interfaces energy production and consumption stations and can generate energy savings of between 10 and 20% and combine energy efficiency and renewable energy production.

For electrical utilities, we market photovoltaic power plants made up of 10 trackers (cumulative power 250 kWc), deployable in less than 6 months and capable of supporting the low voltage network in complex environments in a context of development of electromobility and new uses of electricity.

OKwind offer

  • Wastewater treatment plant: a global energy-efficient solution that covers energy needs by 30 to 50% and reduces consumption by 5 to 20%.
  • Industrial and tertiary buildings: Dynamic photovoltaic parking shades
  • Electricity boards: trackers plants with a power capacity of 250 kWc (equivalent of a 425 kWc permanent PV facility not requiring an environmental impact study (depending your environmental country code)
  • Free preliminary technical study without obligation
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance by remote monitoring
  • Type of funding: LOA

Okwind advantages

Each tracker is made up of a mobile set of PV panels with a surface area of 117sqm mounted on a 7-meter-high mast that follows the course of the sun like a sunflower, which considerably increases the amount of electrical energy produced.

  • + 70% production compared to PV panels fixed on a roof
  • Stable energy production throughout the day
  • Twice lower carbon footprint.
  • Return on investment time of less than 10 years
  • Small footprint (6sqm) and possible installation on restricted land (little available area, rough terrain, etc.)
  • Quick assembly without intervention on the frame
  • No insurance constraint linked to the use of buildings
  • The height of the mast (7 meters) allows free and scalable use of the surfaces under the tracker
  • Compliance with agrivoltaic criteria

OKwind in video


Water / Treatment, distribution and sanitation

« Self-consume and manage your renewable energy Photovoltaic trackers and self-consumption optimization algorithms »

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