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Oleo100 - Saipol

Why you need to contact Oleo100 - Saipol?

  • 100% French origin
  • Allows a maximum operability of equipment, all year long
  • Compatible with a large range of heavy duty diesel vehicles

Oleo100 - Saipol

Oleo100 - Saipol

Our company

Product from the Saipol subsidiary, a virtuous co-construction between farmers and industrials from the French Rapeseed branch, Oleo100 is one of the few fossil fuel alternatives allowing a similar range to diesel fuel, turn-key and without any major change within trucks fleets.

It is a substitutable and mixable energy with diesel fuel, which is suitable for any professional captive trucks fleet, among passengers, freight or waste transport and construction equipment.

Thanks to Saipol and Avril Group CSR policy mastery, Oleo100 Rapeseed traceability is from “field to wheel” and allows to provide a certification for each order of 100% French origin and as a consequence the precise CO2 emission reduction percentage, minimum -60%.

Our offer

Simplicity :

  • Logistic, storage tank and distribution equipment is simple and entirely supplied by Oleo100.
  • Storage monitoring and resupply are optimized through Oleo100 smart connected tanks.

Adaptability :

  • Oleo100 is compatible with a large range of heavy duty diesel vehicles, without any engine modification.
  • Fleet compatibility analysis, eventual Retrofit kit, dedicated storage tank installation : a global support service, an immediate and accessible solution everywhere in France.

Continuity :

  • Through its unique quality specification on market, Oleo100 allows a maximum operability of equipment, all year long with cold temperatures improved performances : until -10°C (and a “Great cold” version until -20°C, available upon request).


  • 100% French origin,
  • Efficient customer service,
  • The industrial power of a large group and the flexibility of a start-up,
  • Security of supply.

Oleo100 - Saipol

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