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Sakowin is accelerating the energy transition through the production of CO2-free low-cost green hydrogen. Sakowin is a French company that is at the forefront of the energy transition to Green Hydrogen. Sakowin manufactures equipment to produce hydrogen and solid carbon with zero CO2 emission, from gas. Initially worked of a technology to produce H2 through water electrolysis. Currently develops a solution to produce Green Hydrogen with a high energy efficiency at low-cost using biomethane or natural gas as feedstock. The innovative technology’s main benefits are zero CO2 emissions, H2 produced on-site and on-demand.

Hydrogen is the future of energy, however, cost-competitive CO2-free hydrogen remains an unsolved issue.  The production of green hydrogen with renewable energies requires massive state subventions to envision competitive pricing and significant natural resources, especially land.

In addition, they lead to centralized production, which requires major investments in new hydrogen storage and transport infrastructures, which will make the competitiveness of hydrogen very challenging.

Sakowin’s solution is based on the decomposition without oxygen of the CH4 molecule by low energy plasma, which is called Plasmalysis.  It does not produce any CO2, as it decomposes chemically the CH4 molecule directly into gaseous hydrogen and solid carbon, which are both industrially valuable products. Solid carbon is a bonus as it can be sold as manufacturing raw material. It is not released into the atmosphere and causes no ground or water pollution.

It offers the benefit of producing a very competitive hydrogen without the need for industrial massification to be viable. This innovative approach offers intrinsic characteristic for a very low-cost CO2-free on-demand on-site hydrogen using existing gas infrastructures.

Who we are

Founded in 2017, we ambition to accelerate the energy transition through the emergence of competitive and CO2-free green hydrogen production solutions

Sakowin’s patented technology uses the microwave plasma to produce gaseous hydrogen and solid carbon from methane.

With more than 200 years of combined experienced, our team is composed of 9 experts in physics, chemistry, electronics, industrialization, finance and business development. A PhD team experienced in alternative energies, microwave plasma, radio frequencies and microphysics. We have also built a set of strong partnerships with Plasma experts, Research centers and SMEs.

We lean on the support and guidance of our board members with backgrounds in finance, science and engineering.

What we do


Sakowin manufacturers reactors that we integrate into a compact cabinet, that we call a South Beach Module.  It implements the process to create Green Hydrogen and solid carbon, with zero CO2 emissions using biomethane or natural gas as a feedstock.

Modular on-site SOUTH BEACH Module

We have developed an innovative proprietary energy efficient CO2-free methane decomposition process, to produce gaseous hydrogen and solid carbon.

Three different modules will be proposed: 2kW, 6kW, 80 kW depending on on-site H2 production needs.

Les avantages de Sakowin

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Methane decomposition performs at similar energy efficient than steam reforming and typically uses 7 times less electricity than electrolyser, and requires a fraction of the space/land,
  • LOW COST: Low in CAPEX and energy-efficient, the modules have the potential to produce green hydrogen at the cost of grey hydrogen, which will decrease as industrialization increases and carbon is valorized.
  • ON-SITE ON DEMAND: The compact, modular and stackable solution can deliver a range of energy capacity, from a few kg to several tons per day of hydrogen. The modules can be assembled to reach multi-megawatt capacities.
  • TRANSPORT/STORAGE: No need for storage or transport. Strongly accelerate the energy transition by allowing existing gas infrastructures to deliver hydrogen on-demand.
  • RENEWABLE : By using bio-methane it is a renewable energy solution offering carbon too. This creates a solution that is not just CO2 free but CO2
  • DAILY OUTPUT: A Sakowin South Beach module equipped with an 80 kW reactor can produce up to 400 kg of H2 per day.

The South Beach module is adapted for all the major markets requiring CO2 free energy.

Sakowin is creating co-development partnerships with OEMs active within various markets needing cost-competitive green hydrogen to perform their energy transition towards net zero emission.

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