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« SERAM SA is specialized in designing and manufacturing electrical cranes »

Why you need to contact SERAM SA?

  • All SERAM products are electrical
  • The cranes have a life cycle of around 15 years
  • Designing and manufacturing electrical cranes since 1973


Our company

SERAM, based in Perpignan, France, has been designing and manufacturing electrical cranes, but also conveyors and vibrating tables for the scrap recycling industry since 1973

Our offer

The SERAM cranes are balanced, the hydraulic balancing system is patented. The counterweight is mobile so only the load at the end of the boom is being lifted.
All SERAM products are electrical, there is no CO² emission, no fossil fuel consumption and no motor oil to be drained. SERAM skilled technicians intervene throughout the world, for the maintenance of over 800 machines (cranes, conveyors…) on the 5 continents.
Since its creation, SERAM has been concerned about the environment, which is why all our products are electric : No combustion engine, so no CO2 emissions or fossil fuel consumption, no engine oil to change, no oil filter and no diesel filter.
Our cranes have a life cycle of around 15 years, and are manufactured to FEM classification A8M8, which means they can be refurbished as new. This means using far less raw materials than it would take to rebuild a new crane.
Our conveyors are also electrically driven, and are fitted with a waste bin (nothing goes into the ground).
The conveyors can be oriented, making it easy to store scrap so as to avoid a thermal crane (with its pollution) to store the material on site.


Why does a balanced crane offer so many advantages in use?

The crane is balanced by a counterweight located at the end of the main boom.
This balancing system saves 60% of the crane’s power and around 60% of its energy costs. Our product is highly attractive both nationally and internationally (around 56% exported).

The design of our crane also enables :

  • Exceptional panoramic vision, for high shears, crushers, etc,
  • Advantageous storage, thanks to its ease of upward travel,
  • Very low maintenance costs, with no need to replace diesel filters, engine oil or engine oil filters, as you would have to do with ordinary excavators every 200 hours,
  • Much more cost-effective than a diesel-powered excavator, up to 9 times less expensive (maintenance is limited to around €900 once a year),
  • No CO² emissions, and therefore 0 pollution,
  • Not to mention silence.


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« SERAM SA is specialized in designing and manufacturing electrical cranes »

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