« We will create a new path through innovation. - Visual distance measurement through three-dimensional measurement with a camera. »

Why you need to contact Sijung?

  • It is expected that the first general-purpose meteorological equipment using artificial intelligence will dominate the market by securing the development technology patent right.
  • The biggest difference is that it is possible to directly check the situation of the field.
  • There is no commercial equipment that can distinguish the cause of visibility impairment. Competitive products in the global market.

Who we are

Since its founding in 2016, Sijung has been able to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with excellent technology and excellent quality built into product meteorological equipment.

The Sijung team is determined to make the company a model manufacturer of weather equipment through technical innovation and constantly improving groundbreaking techniques. Its goal is to raise awareness of the need for AI visibility meters by being the first manufacturer to make them commercially available.

They have also achieved good results at multiple events including Weather Big Data Competition, Excellent Hardware Competition, and Madex 2019 Startup Competition.

Equipped with outstanding talent and a long record of successfully completed projects, they are determined to retain one of the leading positions in the Weather Equipment Market.


What we do

JS-02 is a meteorological equipment that informs the visibility by analyzing images using artificial intelligence. The product is thus able to have compact size, and there is a wide range of sampling. And because of the UI, which can show images and weather information together, it provides more objective information than traditional text methods.

Not only can JS-02 be used for traffic control such as runways, wharf and harbor, but it can also be applied to national parks, resorts, surfing beaches and other tourist attractions to show weather information to travelers.


Our products


Automatic Weather observation equipment measuring visibility with artificial intelligence video analysis technology.

Real-time monitoring enables objective weather information verification and the establishment of image data including weather data.



  • Real-Time data check available through web/app.
  • It is an entry-level product that can connect multiple devices to one server.
  • CCTV footage installed on roads across the country will also be provided, including traffic conditions caused by the weather, It can prevent major accidents by checking black ice and water film phenomena in advance.


Sijung in video


Instrumentation, metrology, analysis / Analysis

« We will create a new path through innovation. - Visual distance measurement through three-dimensional measurement with a camera. »

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