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  • Triple expertise
  • A local public service
  • Leader in environmentals’ analysis

Laboratory TERANA, leader in environmental analysis


Our company

Water, sludge, air, soil, sediment and biota samples and analysis, aquatic ecology study, technical expertise and sanitory consultancy… TERANA is one of the French leaders in environmental expertise. We work with public and private operators to ensure water quality, environmental protection and public health. Every year, our laboratories analyze more than 30,000 water samples and test nearly 500,000 parameters.

Our offer

  • Water analysis and research of organic micropollutants’ : wastewater and industrial effluents, groundwater, drinking water, leisure, surface water and Legionella’s monitoring.
  • Sanitation advising and expertise: diagnosis of wastewater treatment plants, field measurements, sampling and analysis of wastewater, epidemiological monitoring of wastewater (covid-19, seasonal influenza, etc.).
  • Aquatic ecology consultancy: DNA, biological indications and physico-chemical analysis, restauration of ecological continuity
  • Indoor air quality: diagnosis, samples analysis, advices and training/prevention.


  • Leader in environmentals’ analysis.
  • Forerunner in research into specific pollutants (Perfluorinated compounds, Pesticides, VOCs, Hydrocarbons, Alkylphenols, Phthalates, Endocrine disruptors. Nanoparticles, Drug residues…).
  • Triple expertise: analysis laboratory, aquatic ecology consultancy and R&D.
  • A local public service.



Instrumentation, metrology, analysis / Instrumentation

« Laboratory TERANA, leader in environmental analysis  »

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