A large installed base of metal recycling machines worldwide is evidence of the company’s significance in terms of achieving global environmental objectives – a role that it takes more seriously than ever as part of its Vision 2030.


Handling 185 million tonnes of scrap steel annually – more than the combined output of the world’s second-and third-largest steel-producing nations in 2020 – the shears, shredders, crushers, and balers/briquettes manufactured by Lindemann Metal Recycling Solutions have a crucial role to play in progressing the aims of the EU’s Fit for 55 climate package.


With over 2,000 Lindemann machines in active use worldwide and the embracing of energy-efficient manufacturing processes (that enable the use of up to 100% scrap), the ever-growing global demand for steel is now being met in an increasingly sustainable manner.


Recycling for the masses

It’s no surprise then that Lindemann has seldom been busier. Sales of its market-leading machines are booming, as are requests for servicing of its existing population. Having long been a key player at the high-volume end of the market, the company is also developing a standardised mid-range product line that offers smaller companies the opportunity to benefit from premium-level technology.


“We don’t see ourselves as just a machine builder, but rather a full service and solution partner, side-by-side with customers along their entire metal recycling value chain, offering advice and support 24/7,” explains Lindemann CEO, Ioannis Giouvanitskas.


Recognising the advantages of adopting high quality German engineering practices, customers are also now increasingly asking for sustainable solutions. This is driving the development of emission-reducing technologies, through state-of-the-art de-dusting systems and the increased use of digitalization. Demonstrating its commitment to the entire green steel cycle, many Lindemann machines operate on energy-efficient 400 bar hydraulic drive systems, while Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) shave load peaks and lower energy costs – by up to 10%.


With its three brands – Lindemann, N-Series and Texas Shredder – the company offers a solution for every scrap metal processing need, and for all volumes. There are plenty of brains behind the brawn too, such as the InDEx web portal (for remote machine control and analysis) and tools for evaluating the purity level of processed material.


“As a pioneer in the metal recycling industry, Lindemann’s Vision 2030 is to build an efficient yet sustainable 360° ecosystem, optimising our internal structures and work processes, and investing in talented personnel to ensure we get there,” concludes Ioannis Giouvanitskas. “With over 2.5 million horsepower working daily in our shredders alone, even the smallest efficiency or environmental improvements we make can have a major impact on international sustainability objectives”.

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