Last November, during the last edition of Pollutec, our teams met with Sébastien Sureau, General delegate of the SEDDRe, the French Union of Companies working in Deconstruction, Depollution and Recycling.

For us, he elaborated on the recent creation of the union which includes 250 companies working in cleaning, asbestos disposal and pollution abatement, deconstruction, drilling-coring and activities to manage and recycle construction waste. The mission of the union: to support developments in the construction sector and work on solutions for recovery and reuse of deconstruction waste.





On 2nd July, SEDDRe and FEDEREC (Fédération Professionnelle des Entreprises du Recyclage) launched the professional label Recyterre aimed at waste recycling platforms in the Paris region. The label stems from a partnership with the Ademe and the Société du Grand Paris, and aims at promoting recovery of non-hazardous excavation soil, structuring the sector and strengthening the movement towards the circular economy. In particular, it will guarantee the quality of the raw materials from recycling.

Knowing that 7 to 10 million tonnes of soil is processed or treated in France each year, 75% of which is stored, the challenge of recycling waste is of vital importance.

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