Pollutec’s 2021 edition showcases innovation in all areas of the show. No fewer than 180 innovative solutions – presented by 144 exhibitors – have been approved this year. They all seek to tackle one or more major issues: resource depletion, climate disruption, biodiversity erosion and pollution. They either reflect current concerns or anticipate future developments.

The solutions presented this year, whatever their sector, are ever more economical in terms of energy and resources and offer even more digital technologies and artificial intelligence. The main topics addressed in 2021 include managing biowaste, reducing food packaging, recycling of plastics – including heavily used ones, recovery of precious metals for reuse in processes, health management of water, re-use, air quality, decarbonising industry, self-sufficiency, production of low-carbon hydrogen, collection of floating waste, bio-based surface treatments but also, in response to the ongoing health crisis, the chemical-free disinfection of air, premises and surfaces.

Although the water and waste sectors still hold the greatest numbers of innovative solutions (48 each, i.e. more than half of the total), the Air – Odour – Noise field is showing increased activity with 18 innovations, not forgetting the 20 products on show in Instrumentation – Measurement – Analysis, many of which relate to air and water. Predictive maintenance systems are also on the increase.

The energy sector is also more present at the show with solutions in production (with two relating to low-carbon hydrogen) and energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and storage, particularly static.

Risk management also remains topical, whether the risks are industrial (fire-fighting), natural and/or climate- or health-related. In the soil sector, there are some interesting bio-remediation solutions, with compost enrichment or production. At the same time, there are real developments in biological monitoring. And in terms of sustainable cities and buildings, there are several innovations in mobility, amenities and specific equipment and also in bio-based and recycled building materials.

Of course, the brand-new Pollutec Sea & Coastline show also contributes its share of innovation with land-based systems to avoid pollutants getting into the sea and other products for collecting and recycling floating waste and for treating ballast water while at sea.


 Pollutec Innovation Awards: reflecting this year’s trends

The 20 nominees* selected by the preliminary jury for the Pollutec Innovation Awards illustrate all these trends, from the search for efficiency (fewer resources used, reduced impact) to the development of digital and connected solutions, often spanning at least two of today’s major themes: resource depletion, climate disruption, biodiversity erosion and pollution.

*Beoga, Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, Chemdoc Water Technologies, Circular Materials Srl, Cycl-Add, DND Biotech Srl, Fraenkische France, Iadys, ID Partner, MirSense, Nereus, Orizon, Purecontrol, Sakowin Green Energy, Sirea, Suez, TCR Tecora, The SeaCleaners, ViewPoint, Weecycling. Tous pitcheront devant le jury final le mardi 12 octobre sur le salon.

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