DIP Système®

DIP SYSTEME® : The Clean, Smart  and Safe Direct In-line Pumping system with no wet well



DIP Système®

The DIP System is the only patented lifting system directly connected to the effluent inlet.

The DIP Systeme® lifts gravity effluents directly from the inlet without any wet well nor a loading column, and thus frees itself from operating problems linked to retention volumes such as dangerous gases, corrosion, odours, erosion of the works, sand and grease, etc. and frequent cleaning.

The lift station becomes a healthy, clean and secure technical room allowing the maintenance staff to carry out their work in complete safety without being in contact with the effluents. The equipment is no longer subject to corrosion, and is therefore more resistant and durable. The DIP Systeme® allows pumping stations to be designed in a small space and at a low cost. One size of equipment can meet multiple requirements with the same construction. The DIP Systeme® can be adapted to the rehabilitation of existing stations as well as to the creation of new stations. DIP Systeme® is driven as standard by variable speed, with operation based on continuous pumping and modulated according to the incoming flow. Thanks to its specific design, DIP Systeme® absorbs the air/fluid mixture which is in flow, and gives it the necessary speed to be discharged to the discharge point. The flow is thus maintained by the system, which automatically adapts to the constantly changing flows, thanks to the specific hydraulic profile of its body and the particularity of its wheels. This mode of operation allows the passage of solid or fibrous bodies without clogging. The DIP System can also be installed in a “ready to connect” lift station, built in a totally watertight stainless steel module, called SIDINOX. Stronger and more ecological than composite materials made from petroleum, the fully equipped SIDINOX watertight stations are also less heavy and therefore less expensive than concrete stations to install. Their stainless steel shell is guaranteed for 25 years against pitting corrosion, it can be modified after installation, and it can be easily ballasted for installation in flood zones.


Product specifications

The DIP range (representing 56 models) allows the implementation of healthy and clean pumping stations up to several thousand of m3/h.

The DIP System provides innovative, economical and ecological answers to the important problems of wastewater pumping station maintenance.

The sources of economy of this process and its advantages are multiple :

  • Total savings on cleaning
  • Savings on construction, therefore on investment
  • Maintenance savings due to the fact that the equipment is kept dry, out of polluted effluents and gases, easy to access and designed with durable materials and few moving parts, without oil casing.
  • Savings on safety risks for operating personnel, by shallower structures and equipment that operates in a healthy environment.

The advantages :

  • DIP Systeme® is closely associated with a variable speed control that gives it a modulated operation over time and intelligence functions embedded by the OmniDIP®, since 2012, to allow predictive maintenance: detection of underloads, auto-leveling, automatic unclogging, functions of degraded operation, progressive stops …, and machine to machine communication.
  • Since 2013, SIDE Industrie has patented a “shredder” wheel named DIPCut® dedicated to the Direct In-line pumping  DIP systems , especially for low flows with high amount of fibrous wastes. Coupled to smart variable frequency drive, this impeller changes its direction of rotation automatically when needed in order to cut snarled long fibrous materials and rags, and then remove them.
  • Since 2019, SIDE Industrie offers a new range of direct line pumping without any wet well with 3 pumps in a common body, offering a new possibility of cascading with variable speed from 10 to 300% of the nominal flow, in an extremely compact footprint.


Direct advantages of direct line pumping:

– No wet well nor a loading column, therefore no contact with the effluent and no risk of contamination by contact (especially in the case of viruses such as COVID-19)
– No cleaning of the station
– No dangerous gas (H2S)
– No odors
– No clogged float switches
– No corrosion of the equipment
– Safe access
– Guaranteed return on investment thanks to energy and operating savings
– Wide operating range thanks to frequency variation (from 10 to 300% of the flow rate in the case of a DIP-Triplex for example)

The lifting station becomes a clean and healthy technical room, which facilitates and secures the work of the maintenance staff.

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